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Everyone looks at a background shaped by the realities that surround and influence us directly. This narrow image is a way of simplifying our existence, but the problems that people often face exceed this small framework.

Even if Romania was not affected or involved in what we might call the refugees phenomenon created or shaped by the recent conflicts wave in both Southern (more prominent) and Eastern Europe, the desperation that hit these people cannot leave us indifferent. Moreover, this is a question of solidarity with a big European family, towards people put in limit situations.

Besides the drama of these people there is the judicial issue of refugees and an entire red file for Europe. The debate in Brussels becomes widespread, perhaps not enough as the problem, but there is necessary a solution whose delay will cause substantial tensions between the European Union member states.

Recently, at the end of last week, the European Commission President, Jean-Claude Junker, cautions that European Union countries should assume compulsory quotas of refugees and significantly increase their development aid for the countries where these immigrants originate. On Wednesday, the European Parliament is expected to vote on a resolution in this regard.

Meanwhile, on Thursday there was held a summit convened by the European Council President for adopting a concrete plan of action, but the only found solution was to triple the funding for maritime patrol operations. Too little or astonishingly little, considering the magnitude of the phenomenon.

Europe is facing a massive wave of refugees mainly from African countries and from the Middle East. Last year 3,000 refugees died during their trying to cross the Mediterranean in shaky boats. This year the number already reached 1,600, 800 deaths being registered on the night of 18 to April 19.

First we need the necessary funding for relief efforts on maritime routes. On the long term there is absolutely necessary a visionary approach to the subject. The European policy on migration must be reformed. The motivations are still a bit painful, but taking into consideration an aging European population and a massive wave of immigrants, the perspective might change.

The entry of this migration into legality, a transparent process and equipping the European states with processes and institutions prepared to manage the phenomenon may be a European concern, beside national approaches, which should not miss.

The European policies on refugees and migration have large gaps, primarily at the level of concrete processes and funding instruments. Many of them remained to be taken through national decisions, generating imbalances and huge pressure for coastal countries.

The European Union has entered into a whirlwind of rewriting and rethinking and it should get out of it as soon as possible, wake up to reality. The model embraced until now, sticking up with patches in some aspects, was used for saying there are some things done, but this is far more dangerous than doing nothing.

Treating only the effects without solving the causes, the EU only temporary “anesthetizes” the problem and pushes it a little on the time axis.

By doing this, Europe seems hypocritical, superficial and insensitive to these serious humanitarian problems. I know you will say that the causes of this drama are not on European soil. That’s right, but considering the UE’s ambitions of global political player and its available leverage (political, economic), dealing with the causes is the most honest and positive variant. The only solution that must be taken into account.

If after these tragedies EU would “allocate a few bucks” and then turn its head, he will miss their own chances of survival and affirmation.

This European flounder, this drift and indecision produce a major impact. It decides on people lives. The European leaders should reach this level of awareness and become accountable.

European leaders talk of solidarity after too many people died, emptying the fundamental value that the European Union has been built.

Therefore, a European response to the Mediterranean drama should be on every “Union Club” state’s table, fit for the “Club”.



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